The Plantific & Canoom Naturals Story

Canoom Naturals Ltd. (CNL) was founded in 2019 by two veterans of the natural health products industry.

CNL is focused on developing and bringing to market a supplement and skincare product line using many of the amazing natural ingrdients that can be found in both Cannabis/Hemp and Fungi/mushrooms. PLANTIFIC™ IS OUR BRAND and is a registered trademark.
In mid 2021 we successfully launched three Chaga mushroom products and they are available to be purchased on our website

Plants are best, and fungi are fantastic.
— Neil Morgan, co-founder

Message from CEO

Greetings folks,
Stewart Mills, CEO Canoom Naturals / Plantific. 

Six years ago my partner, Neil Morgan reached out and his first question was, “ Did you know that you have a receptor system in your body named after cannabis?” My reaction was a definite NO, he went on to describe the Endo-cann-abi-noid System or ECS for short. To the right is one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen on the ECS, by Dr. Rachel Knox, from her Tedx talk, please take the time to watch! One of the MOST important medical discoveries of our time! Recently Neil and I had the pleasure to add Lynette LeBlanc to our team. Lynette brings a professional skill set and her input has been a welcomed addition! Another great source of research for me was the website, congratulations and thanks to Martin A. Lee for your efforts!


PS. My selfie includes my Mom, whom has suffered with dementia, this project is in your honour!

Plantific Super Pack

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Save $80 on our three most popular products with the Plantific Super Pack. The Plantific Super Pack is a great way to experience the wide range of benefits Plantific has to offer while saving you money! You get:

• Plantific Multi Vitamin (90 Capsules)
• Chaga Capsules (60)
• Hemp Capsules (60)

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Our Products

Chaga Capsules

The easiest way to take Chaga, in a convenient capsule format. Simply take two capsules a day!

Product Details

Multi Vitamin

Our extensive investigation of North American companies producing and selling, Millions of Dollars per annum, of their version of a Daily Multi Pack. ( All independently tested ). Plantific presents our 1st version of Our Multi Vitamin, an excellent addition to our Chaga and Hemp capsules.
Product Details

Hemp Capsules

Our research and development over the past 8 years, thru friends, family, business associates and shareholders. Constant feedback and several adjustments have resulted in an Excellent product to feed and support the Endocannabinoid System, ECS.

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Chaga Tincture

Take a few drops every day, or easily add Chaga extract to your favourite food and beverages.
Product Details

Chaga Tincture

Take a few drops every day, or easily add Chaga extract to your favourite food and beverages
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Chaga Tea Blend

Brew deliciously healthy tea with our blend of Chaga, Cinnamon and other natural ingredients.
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"From Mother Nature, who spends a lot of her time here in Canada"

Extreme Relief Body Serum

Moisturizing Therapy

is expertly blended by a professional aromatherapist to create an amazing cream you can use from head to to for a multitude of concerns. Safe for ages 6 to 99+

• Shea Butter
• Hemp Oil
• Chaga
• Essential Oils

Product Details
Hear FROM the Canoom Family

We are very happy to have had access to Chaga products. These products have made a huge contribution to better health - boosting our immune system. We are at the end of 70 years, our mobility is better. Me, Anna - really less arthritis attacks - can walk without limping and have a lot less constipation. Months, Patrick, my tremors have decreased by 75%. We have more energy. Our quality of life has improved!

Patrick & Anna - NB

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